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Décoder VIN et codes option

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MessagePosté le: Jeu 20 Déc 2012 - 23:41    Sujet du message: Décoder VIN et codes option Répondre en citant

Infos trouvées sur un site indien et Briskoda.net :

Here is the detailed specification with the internal codes for Skoda Yeti also how to decode the VIN for Skoda Yeti,

Sample VIN TMB LD9 5L 4A8 000123
TMB -1

1-3rd digit - Manufacturer's world code

XW8 - Kaluga factory
TMB - other factories

4th digit - Model and version:

J - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x2
K - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x2
L - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x4
M - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x4
N - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x2, multi-purpose vehicle M1
P - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x2, multi-purpose vehicle M1
R - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x4, multi-purpose vehicle M1
S - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x4, multi-purpose vehicle M1
1 - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x2, vehicle category N1
2 - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x2, vehicle category N1
3 - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x4, vehicle category N1
4 - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x4, vehicle category N1

5th digit - Engine type:

B - 1.8 ltr./112/118 kW/petrol engine
C - 2.0 ltr. TDI/81 kW/diesel engine
D - 2.0 ltr. TDI/103 kW/diesel engine
E - 2.0 ltr. TDI/125 kW/diesel engine
F - 1.2 ltr./77 kW/petrol engine
J - 1.4 ltr./90 kW/petrol engine
T - 1.6 ltr./77 kW/diesel engine

6th digit - Airbag System:

2 - 2 Front airbags
4 - 2 Front + 2 side airbags
5 - 2 front + 2 side + 1 knee airbag
6 - 2 front + 2 side + 2 head airbags
7 - 2 front + 2 side + 1 head + 1 knee airbag
8 - 2 front + 4 side + 2 head airbags
9 - 2 front + 4 side + 1 head + 1 knee airbag

7-8th digit - Model:


9th digit - Internal factory code

10th digit - Model year

9 - 2009
A - 2010
B - 2011
C - 2012
D - 2013
E - 2014

11th digit - Manufacturing plant:

6 - Kvasiny

12-17th - Vehicle body number


Description: Yeti 4x4 CR Exper 103/2.06MG
Sales type: 5L734Y

Feature list with internal number

1 0A2 L TUE 4 doors
2 0AF L STV Front stabilizer
3 0BD L STH Rear stabilizer
4 0C0 L COZ Standard
5 0EN L EDF Installation differentiation for transmission MQ 350 vehicle components
6 0F5 L KRS Fuel system for diesel engine
7 0KA L KAE Without stickers and badges
8 0NB L SZU Nameplate set in base trim
9 0P1 L AER Rear side exhaust tailpipe
10 0SS L SAU Labels/plates in English and French
11 0TD L ZFM Front and rear floor mats
12 0V2 L FAD Manufacturing sequence Ustkamenogorsk
13 0VF L BTA Information kit in English
14 0Y2 L KLZ Tropical zones
15 0YJ L GKH Weight range 9 installation control only, no requirement forecast
16 1AT L BRS Electronic stabilization program (ESP)
17 1D0 L AHV Without trailer hitch
18 1E0 L AKB Without activated charcoal canister
19 1ED L TYP Special identification plate
20 1G1 L RER Space-saving spare wheel
21 1JG L DFH Rear shock absorption for rough-road design 2
22 1KS L BAH Disc brakes, rear (Geomet D)
23 1N3 L LEN Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
24 1NL L RAA Covers for alloy wheels
25 1PF L ABR Standard wheel bolts
26 1Q0 L TGL Without mass damper for steering wheel
27 1S1 L BOW Tool kit and jack
28 1SK L TWU Additional engine and transmission guardand underbody stone guard
29 1T0 L VBK Without first aid kit and warning triangle
30 1U1 L KLT Folding table
31 1W2 L KBX Glove compartment cooling system
32 1X1 L ATA Four wheel drive
33 1Z2 L KRM Increase in initial standard fuel filling
34 1ZE L BAV Disc brakes, front (Geomet D)
35 2A0 L UEA Without delivery equipment
36 2G5 L EBB Filler neck module 1 without insert
37 2H0 L CHA Without "drive select"
38 2JX L STF Comfort bumpers
39 2P0 L LKS Without trunk sill protection
40 2UB L SWP Rough-road design
41 2V5 L FRI Fresh air intake system with activated charcoal canister
42 2W3 L TDA Fuel filler cap remote unlocking
43 2WA L ZBR Without additional tires
44 2ZA L LRA Multi-function steering wheel
45 3B3 L ZKV Child seat anchor
46 3C7 L SHM 3-point seat belt for center rear seat
47 3CA L TRW Without partition
48 3D3 L MIK Center console
49 3FA L DEI Without roof insert (standard roof)
50 3G0 L KSI Without child seat anchor front (ISOFIX)
51 3GG L LBH Plane rear cargo area
52 3H0 L LER Without backrest release for front seats
53 3J1 L KOV Height-adjustable headrests for front seats
54 3K0 L SKS Without safety headrest system
55 3L3 L SIE Manual height adjustment for front seats
56 3N0 L KKR Without stowage box in luggage boot
57 3Q6 L KOH Three rear headrests
58 3QC L RSV 3-point seat belts, front
59 3S7 L DAR Roof rails
60 3SB L SFR Standard seat, front right
61 3TB L SFL Standard seat, front left
62 3U1 L GPR Foldable trunk cover
63 3W0 L GDM Without additional noise suppression measures for passenger compartment
64 3X0 L DLS Without load-through provision
65 3Y0 L SSR Without roll-up sun screen
66 3ZB L SHA 3-point seat belts, outer rear with ECE label
67 4A0 L SIH Without seat heater
68 4AA L TSV Door and side trim panel in leather
69 4B1 L SSL Protective side molding
70 4GF L WSS Windshield in heat-insulating glass
71 4K3 L TKV Radio remote controlled central locking operated from inside and safe securing
72 4KC L SSH Side and rear windows in heat-insulatingglass
73 4L6 L IRS Breakaway interior rear view mirror, automatically dimming
74 4LB L BED Radio control
75 4N4 L INT Padded dashboard
76 4P3 L PBH Rear floor panel module, type 4
77 4R4 L FEH Power windows with comfort operation andcircuit breaker
78 4SB L MSL Vanity mirror left
79 4TB L MSR Vanity mirror right
80 4UF L AIB Driver's and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
81 4X3 L SAB Side air bag front with curtain air bag
82 4Z5 L HAK Glove compartment door with light
83 5A8 L GRV Trunk lining (design 2)
84 5C0 L KSA Without special body measures
85 5D1 L TRF Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
86 5K0 E LAC Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
87 5KP L HIS 3 separate seats (first row of seats)
88 5ML L EIH Decorative inserts
89 5RH L ASR Right exterior mirror: convex
90 5SR L ASL Left exterior mirror: convex (AGCC)
91 6A0 L FEU Without fire extinguisher
92 6E3 L MAS Front center armrest
93 6EP L ZKS Additional stone guard body covers
94 6FF L BBO Body-colored exterior mirror housings and various add-on parts
95 6M3 L GPS Trunk net
96 6N1 L SZF Mud flaps rear
97 6PC L HBV Leather hand brake lever handle
98 6Q9 L SAG Leather gearshift knob/handle
99 6R1 L SHV Leatherette gearshift boot
100 6SE L KBB Flat needle-punched trunk floor covering
101 6T0 L INL Without interior light in footwell
102 6XJ L ASE Exterior mirrors: automatically dimming,electrically adjustable/heated
103 7A0 L CDW Without CD changer/CD player
104 7AA L EDW Electronic vehicle immobilization device
105 7B2 L STD 12-volt socket in luggage boot
106 7E0 L WSA W/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
107 7K0 L RDK Without tire pressure warning light
108 7KN L AED Vehicle class differentiation -5L0-
109 7L3 L SNA Without start/stop system without regenerative braking
110 7M5 L EIL Without protective film for scuff plate
111 7ML L AGM Emission standard,EU4 IND Bharat Stage 4
112 7N2 L ALS Spectacle tray/bracket
113 7P4 L LOR Manually adjustable lumbar support in front seats
114 7PB L PGK Platform group class 2
115 7Q0 L NAV Without navigation device
116 7QA L CDR Without CD/DVD for navigation
117 7R7 L SLE Side marker lights plus additional turn signal lights in exterior mirrors
118 7V0 L BEL Standard dashboard illumination
119 7X2 L EPH Park distance control, front and rear
120 7Y0 L SPU Without lane change assistant
121 8AG L RAO Radio with CD/MP3
122 8BF L HSW Halogen headlight for driving on the left
123 8GU L GEN Alternator 140 A
124 8K1 L FLS Separate daytime running lights
125 8L5 L ANT Roof antenna and "diversity" window antenna
126 8LG L ZIN Additional switch for off-road
127 8M1 L HEW Rear window wiper and washer system with intermittent control
128 8N3 L SWS Windshield wiper intermittent control with rain sensor
129 8NB L STK Parking light indicator light
130 8Q1 L LWR Headlight-range adjustment
131 8QL L SLR Key for locking system with remote control
132 8RM L LSE 8 speakers (passive)
133 8T0 L GRA Without cruise control system (CCS)
134 8TD L NEL Rear fog light for driving on the left
135 8V0 L ZAZ Without cigarette lighter
136 8W0 L WWA Without washer fluid level indicator
137 8WD L NES Integrated front fog light
138 8X0 L SWR Without headlight washer system
139 8Y1 L SNH Two-tone horn
140 8Z6 L MKU Hot country
141 9AK L HKA Climatronic with impact pressure control free of cfc
142 9E1 L GRB Luggage compartment lighting
143 9HA L FFA Without additional malfunction display
144 9JA L RAU Non-smoking package
145 9M0 L ZUH Without auxiliary/parking heater
146 9P3 L SGK Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
147 9Q2 L MFA Multi-function display/on-board computerwith check control
148 9T0 L BWD Without heated washer nozzles
149 9TH L WAL Additional warning lights (door area) front, without rear
150 9U1 L BVK Brake pad wear indicator
151 9W0 L VTV W/o car phone preparation/installation
152 9WR L AUD Installation of audio connection
153 9Y1 L ATE Outdoor temperature gage
154 A8D I AUS Luxury equipment
155 B3E L BLB Component parts set, complying with vehicle type for India, various parts
156 B79 L TPL Type approval India
157 C00 L COC Operating permit, initial registration
158 CB6 L RAD Alloy wheels 7J x 16
159 D91 L MOT 4-cyl. turbo diesel 2 gineEZTD 03 kW (4V) TDI common rail; Base engine:
160 E0A L AAU No special edition
161 F0A L FZS No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
162 FB0 L LAK Standard paint coating
163 G06 L DFV Front shock absorption
164 G0L I GSP 6-speed manual transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
165 GR0 L PNS Without emergency tire inflator
166 H09 L REI Tires 215/60 R16 95H (polymer coating)
167 J0N L BAT Battery 330 A (61 Ah)
168 K8G I KAR Hatchback
169 L0R L LEA Right-hand drive vehicle
170 L66 L GKV Suspension range 66 installation control only, no requirement forecast
171 N0K L SIB Leather seat covering
172 ND0 L ADA Without adapter
173 NG0 L GDT Without top carrier
174 QA0 L KIS Without child seat
175 QE0 L ALG Without tray areas package/box
176 QG0 L WIV Without service interval prolongation
177 QJ1 L CHR Chrome work package
178 QN1 L SVS Drawer under left front seat
179 QV0 L TVE W/o TV reception/digital radio reception
180 TP4 I GMO 4-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.P
181 U5A L INS Instrument insert, km/h speedometer
182 UF0 L ESS Without electric interface
183 UG1 L AFH Hill hold control
184 V0L E REL GOODYEAR tires
185 VF0 L FHW Standard pedal cluster
186 VL0 L FGS Standard pedestrian protection measures
187 X5Q G description not found

The current model other than that is launched in India are EU5 while India model is EU4/BS4 only!.

VIN Decoders :



Pour décoder la liste des codes option présents dans le manuel d'entretien et dans le coffre :


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